4th Slovenian-Croatian Symposium on Zeolites and 1st workshop of the ERA-NET project “STOREHEAT”

Conference report

4th SLOVENIAN-CROATIAN SYMPOSIUM ON ZEOLITES and kick-off meeting in the frame of STOREHEAT ERA-NET project were organized by Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Technology at National Institute of Chemistry

President of the organizing committee of the conference doc. dr. Nataša Novak Tušar and coordinator of the EU project STOREHEAT prof. dr. Nataša Zabukovec Logar

The invited conference speakers were renowned Slovenian and foreign scientists and managers from Europe and America, working in the field of zeolites in catalysis, Prof. Ferdi Schüth, the director of Max-Plack institutes in Germany (Department of Heterogeneous Catalysis, Max-Planck-Institute für Kohlenforschung, Mülheiman der Ruhr, Germany), Prof. David Serrano, the director of the IMDEA Energy Institute in Spain, Prof. Nevenka Rajić, from the University of Belgrade and Dr. Rainer Albert Rakoczy, the leader of the section for zeolites in German industrial chain Süd-Chemie AG (Business Unit Catalysis and Energy, Süd-Chemie AG, Munich, Germany). Among the lecturers were also two Slovene scientists, who in co-operation with the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology, work in the field of the use of zeolites in environmental technologies: Prof. Urška Lavrenčič Štangar (Laboratory for Environmental Chemistry, University of Nova Gorica) and Prof. Albin Pintar (Laboratory for Environmental Sciences and Engineering, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana).

One of the participants of the symposium was a Slovene consulting firm for obtaining non-refundable funds, from EU RR & CO. Knowledge Centre d.o.o. (the director Mateja Rudolf). Knowledge Centre d.o.o. pays most of its time to activities connected with co-operation between Academic & Research institutions and Industry, which stays a challenge also for the future. Lecturer at the symposium on the mentioned subject was dr. Mojca Dušica Zajc, the leader of the knowledge and advice transfer at RR & CO. Knowledge Centre d.o.o.

Some of the other participants of the symposium were the representatives of distinguished Slovene and Croatian institutions, among these dr. Mario Šiljeg, the director of the Croatian Agency for Environment, who had scientific training in the year 2004 at the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology of the Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, prof. dr. Anton Meden, the dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the University of Ljubljana and prof. dr. Iztok Arčon, the dean of the Faculty for postgraduate studies at the University of Nova Gorica.

Dr. Andrej Horvat, SILKEM d.o.o.

At the introductory meeting and workshop of the ERA-NET project STOREHEAT the participants were the representatives of the SILKEM d.o.o. company, which is the only company in Slovenia that is making zeolite materials for Slovene and also world market (http://www.silkem.si). The company in the field of zeolites headed by dr. Andrej Horvat, actively participates with the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology in the area of zeolite materials development in the context of applied domestic projects, as well as international projects, EUREKA and the ERA-NET. Among the invited speakers, especially in need of mentioning, is dr. Stefan Henninger from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Systems from Freiburg, Germany; and dr. Juan Manuel Coronado from IMDEA Energy Institute, from Madrid, Spain. Other participants were also representatives of the Faculty for Engineering, University of Ljubljana, the Slovenian Construction Cluster, Hidria company and others.


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